Back to School Sweater CAL

I'm hosting my very own crochetalong this autumn! Yay! I do hope you'll join in!! My friend Helen, fellow yarn enthusiast and blogger suggested we organize a crochetalong together to spread the crochet garment love. How could I refuse!!!?? The crochetalong, or CAL for short, runs for 8 weeks from 16th September to 17th November.  

We will use the hashtag #BackToSchoolSweaterCAL on Instagram and the lovely Fay from the Crochet Circle Podcast is hosting a thread in her Ravelry group too. The chatter has already begun so please do visit the thread! We have also shared a few patterns we have enjoyed and/or like the look of in a Ravelry bundle if you're looking for a little inspiration!

The Crochet Project are very kindly offering CAL participants a discount until the 20th of September on the patterns in their Ravelry store. The 25% discount code backtoschool25  can be applied to individual garment patterns as well as books that contain cardigans, sweaters or tees  

We will have prizes (yay!) randomly selected from completed items on the FO thread and also tagged with #BackToSchoolSweaterCAL on Instagram.

Prizes so far:
Marta’s mrsdaftspaniel baby cardigan pattern and yarn to make one
A pattern of your choice from The Crochet Project
Blocking kit (four blocking mats, pins and wool wash) from Fay MaDashper
Set of stitch markers from Helen Helsbels3
Three Lykke crochet hooks from Tamara craftyescapism
A pattern of your choice from Rosina Zeens and Roger

A project bag of your choice from Emyahandmade
Yarn from Lisa too!

We also invited some other British crochet bloggers to join us in an accompanying blog hop focusing on different aspects of crochet garment technique. 

It's already underway!!

Week 1 - 5 Reasons to Make a Crochet Garment by yours truly!
Week 2 - Jojotwinkletoes blog post on Current Trends / Choosing a Style to Suit you 
Week 3 - Helsbels3 blog post on Yarn Substitution
Week 4 - The Crochet Project with Measuring & Swatching
Week 5 - SingingSam with Making Alterations to Suit
Week 6 - Fay from the Crochet Circle Podcast / Knit It Hook It Craft It with Finishing and Blocking 
Week 7 - Marta with Designing a Crocheted Garment

The Blog Hop schedule in brief is as follows:

I really hope you'll join us!!