Crochet Sweater Resources

In Autumn 2017 I co-hosted my first ever, and as yet only, crochetalong - The Back to School Sweater CAL - with my friend Helen, fellow yarn enthusiast and blogger at Making at Number 14. Here we are at the Southern Wool Show in Newbury, in the UK meeting for the first time in person a whole year afterwards!

We invited several other fabulous crochet bloggers to join us in an accompanying blog hop focusing on different aspects of crochet garment technique. Here are the links with all the helpful information: 

Week 1 - 5 Reasons to Make a Crochet Garment by yours truly!
Week 2 - Jojotwinkletoes on Current Trends / Choosing a Style to Suit you 
Week 3 - Helen from Making at Number 14 on Yarn Substitution
Week 4 - The Crochet Project with Measuring & Swatching
Week 5 - SingingSam with Making Alterations to Suit
Week 6 - Fay from the Crochet Circle Podcast with Finishing and Blocking 
Week 7 - Marta aka MrsDaftSpaniel with Designing a Crocheted Garment

Crochet Sweater Patterns
And Fay kindly hosted the chatter and a bundle of crochet garment patterns on Ravelry. Check them out for inspiration on what to make!!!