Tech Editing & Teaching

Tech Editing: Pattern Checking, Charts & Garment Grading

I provide pattern checking of shawls, socks and sweaters for individual crochet designers. I work closely with a small number of select clients on an ongoing basis and support you as your business grows.

I will add suggestions to a pdf version of your pattern, checking all the numbers, grammar, spelling and punctuation. I'll check that the language is clear and that the terminology is consistent throughout. I'll also check any charts, if included, against the written pattern. I'll look over the final version before you publish it.

Other services: I also create charts in Crochet Charts software and can check garment grading for you.

Costs: My hourly rate is £30 and typical pattern checking times are:
2-3 hours for crochet accessories
3-4 hours for crochet sweaters

Timing: The time required is dependent on how complex your pattern is and I will provide an estimate before I start. I aim to turn around your tech edit within two weeks providing I don't have other work scheduled in already.

My tech-edited published patterns include:
Fabulous Socks by Marta Mitchell / MrsDaftSpaniel
Waking Winter by Rosina Northcott / Zeens and Roger
Aideen Wrap by Carmen Heffernan / Annie Design Crochet
Waroo by Deanne Ramsey / Addydae Designs

My skills: As a crochet teacher running open project classes my less experienced students would often need help working out what patterns meant and I discovered I was good at figuring this out. I'm an experienced marketing professional and have spent many years checking client research reports and figures. I also worked in the software industry for 15 years with beta versions of survey software so fiddling around with charting software is something I can do too!

Teaching: Local Crochet Beginner Classes & Volunteer Events

I am a Craft Yarn Council certified crochet teacher. I taught at my local yarn store Nimblefingers in Houston, TX for four years running a weekly open project class and individual/small group crochet beginner sessions. I ran a Crochet Socks Techniques class for intermediate-level crocheters at the Houston Fiber Fest and also taught at my local knitting guild and volunteer events. I have started to teach at Age UK events since returning to the UK.

Contact me:

Get in touch to find out about my availability for tech-editing projects and teaching crochet in Bristol. Email or send a message via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.