Monday, May 10, 2021

Craftivist Project - Stitches for Survival

I've recently become involved with a craftivist project - Stitches for Survival - introduced to me by my sweet local friend Jan who runs an established group of stitching craftivists in Bristol. Stitches for Survival is a group of crafters across the UK crafting a 1.5 mile scarf of climate messages for the COP26 UN climate change conference. The length represents the 1.5 degree target to limit global warming set in the Paris agreement.

The timing feels right. We are coming out of lockdown and we need a new focus - something that really matters that uses our crafty skills, don't we?

There are several things that appeal to me about this particular project:

* The timescales are long (I don't like to feel rushed)

We will display the completed project at the COP26 take place in Glasgow in November. We have six months. And there's also an option to campaign locally with our individual and group projects in the lead up to the main event, if we want to.

*  The project scope is broad (I do love inclusivity)

Scarf panels (60x100cm) can be crocheted or knitted or sewn or quilted or woven, in other words created in any craft. And it's not just for the proficient - we have craftivists learning to crochet, knit and stitch specifically for this project. I am teaching again - YES!

* Our panel reflects what we care about (We can personalise it)

We are using predominantly green or blue materials from stash or donations to send a message that we care about the environment. That makes sense. However, the design can be our own and include letters or other decorative elements. I swim outdoors so my panel has a background of waves and I'm making a message with crochet letters. I haven't finalised my message yet.

So if this appeals to you and you'd like to get involved the website with all the details is and there's a Stitches for Survival Facebook group. And if you're in Bristol I'm a regional coordinator so email me for more details about what's going on locally

1st Bristol #stitches4survival event

Listen to the Audio Podcast