Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fluffy chicks base

Have knitted up the pieces for two fluffy chicks now using a combination of fluffy mohair and yellow DK. The chicks are bigger than in the pattern but I just couldn't find any self-striping fluffy wool, as I may well have mentioned. Sewed in the ends and then began to fit the pieces together. Discovered the base just doesn't fit. It's a semi circle but just way bigger than the base of the main chick piece. Very very odd. I can't see in the photo how it fits. Couldn't get my head around it at all last night. I do have a stinky cold which just isn't helping matters at all.

Knitted a tiny red heart for my mum for mothers' day and its in the post, just in case you wondered. Just love my mum! Forgot to photo it. But stitched a tiny "M" too. My mum loves anything I make or buy her - the most grateful and appreciative of gift recipients!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fluffy chicks cheep cheep

Have begun the fluffy chicks for my friend Mel using double yarn of fluffy mohair and yellow dk. Hoping I have enough for two.

Really like to knit the anniversary swans for my mum in time for mothers day. Perhaps a little optimistic. The assembling of little animals always takes longer than knitting them (unless they are knitted in the round I guess which my fluffy chicks are not).

Listening to Cast On podcasts on ky commute. Quite fancy a top-down raglan sweater as a project. You can fit it to yourself as you knit it. Sounds perfect.

Knitting Natter on Sunday ..... everyone has made sufficient pieces of bunting. We have red, white, blue and multi colour crochet ones too. Three new members which was good. Always amusing.  Discussed Scottish grandmothers, camping trip plans, CVs (my friend is being made redundant in June after 23 years at the same organisation) and further jubilee decoration ideas amongst other subjects.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bought from a shop

A compliment from my DH this morning when I showed him my finished waistcoat. He said it didn't look hand made, rather bought from a shop. Bless. He was rather jaded though after a night out with the boys so perhaps beer goggles still on combined with a slight guilty conscience. I can't wait to wear it. Not quite warm enough for spring mid layers.

Made my darling daughter a fish from my new book. I think my colourways, dark purple and lime green, are cuter than the book's. You decide!? Have left by her bed so she gets a sweet surprise on waking. My gorgeous son will be jealous and demand his own!

I've figured out what stash yarn I can use for the fluffy chicks. Just can't find fluffy yarn that is also self-striping like the one in the book. So will combine my beige fluffy mohair with yellow DK or perhaps white with a slight boucle. Great. Next project..... was thinking I might do a couple of extra chicks for mum for mothers day...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Too short again....

I am getting pretty fed up of another too-short garment. Looks fab but going to have to crochet an inch or two onto the length. But what stitch? DH out tonight so it will just me, my almost finished project and some heaving-bosomed drama on the box. Perhaps a cheeky glass of perry too.

Picked out some buttons in the village craft shop. The ladies agreed that stocking stitch was just wrong for bunting. It would always roll up. They are running a beginners knit and crochet class over two evening sessions with plans for more advanced. Monday evenings will suit me. These three ladies are a font of all knitting and crochet knowledge. Couldn't help showing off a photo of my union jack bunting - it looks quite respectable from a distance! Can't wait to quiz them on thinks from suitable stitches, yarn choice and substituting yarn. They nodded very knowledgeably when I said these were subjects I need advice on.