Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fluffy chicks base

Have knitted up the pieces for two fluffy chicks now using a combination of fluffy mohair and yellow DK. The chicks are bigger than in the pattern but I just couldn't find any self-striping fluffy wool, as I may well have mentioned. Sewed in the ends and then began to fit the pieces together. Discovered the base just doesn't fit. It's a semi circle but just way bigger than the base of the main chick piece. Very very odd. I can't see in the photo how it fits. Couldn't get my head around it at all last night. I do have a stinky cold which just isn't helping matters at all.

Knitted a tiny red heart for my mum for mothers' day and its in the post, just in case you wondered. Just love my mum! Forgot to photo it. But stitched a tiny "M" too. My mum loves anything I make or buy her - the most grateful and appreciative of gift recipients!

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