Greetings! I'm Tamara aka Crafty Escapism. I'm a crochet teacher, crochet tech editor and intermittent blogger, podcaster and vlogger too. I moved back to Bristol in the UK this summer (June 2018) after living in Houston, Texas for six years.
Photo taken by @misterbs_yarn at
#flocksouthwestknitters event
February 2019
In the US I took the Craft Yarn Council's Crochet Instructor and Teacher Certificates. One requirements for the completion of each certificate was 15 hours of teaching which I found out that I rather enjoyed and so my crochet career began. I starting teaching crochet in my local yarn store Nimblefingers in August 2014 and LOVED it! I also ran a charity crochet group called Yak and Yarn which was a lot of fun too. Miss all y'all!! 

Photo taken at @nimblefingerstx
August 2014
Here in Bristol I still teach at one-off events and have started crochet design tech editing. Check out my tech editing & teaching page for further details.

You can find me as Crafty Escapism on all the socal media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry too.

And as for the blog, I've been writing it off and on since 2011 and the content has changed along the way. I started out posting details of my knitting and crochet projects. Next I shared tips and reviews. More recently I've written posts accompanying crochet along blog hops, see Crochet Sweater Resources and Crochet Sock Resources. In August 2017 I added an audio podcast version. The current format is a quarterly chatty update. Without doubt it will continue to evolve! I hope you enjoy it!