Monday, March 30, 2015

Charity lapghan

The squares are now pretty uniform with the assistance of a 5x5" cardboard template. So I'm single crocheting them together. The colors work so well. Have circulated to the Yak and Yarn group via Facebook and email.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Milobo Chevron Lace Cardigan

Determined to make a flattering crochet sweater. My master instructor advised me to try a cardigan. Found this free pattern on Ravelry by Milobo and love the final garment. Reduced the rate of increase on the yoke and decreased for the waist to make it more curvy. Worked a treat. The finishing touch is a Lone Star button - what else? I live in Texas!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yak and Yarn

I'm not quite sure what the catalyst to starting a crochet meet up group was but we got underway this month with our first meeting of Yak and Yarn. I pretty much invited everyone I knew who had shown the faintest interest in crochet since I first starting publicizing my craft skills. Nine ladies turned up at our rather wet kick off night with all but one actually crocheting. My partner in crime (everyone needs one) in the meet up creation Audrey had been recruited by a charity to make blankets so five of us started on squares. Can't wait for the next one - second Sunday of the month. I wonder how many of the twenty odd invitees will attend. Have a Facebook group and a number on email too.

Officially a crochet teacher

Last year I became an instructor now I'm a teacher.  Wow. Rather pleased with myself.

Friday, March 13, 2015

First sweater I designed

My Craft Yarn Council master teacher made me promise to take photos of my first sweater that I designed for my Crochet 2 certificate. It just isn't flattering at all and I will rip it back and use the yarn for another project.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Anzula Opalescent Top

One of the quandaries I always face is what to do with the lovely yarn I have in my stash. Being the thrifty Brit I find it hard to buy new yarn when I have so much at home. Fridays, when I run the knitting and crochet workshop at my local yarn store, are complete torture for me. Their sale bins out front with 50% off are always there taunting me on a weekly basis. 

It feels like I am pattern searching more often than I am actually crafting! Anyway in my stash I have several expensive skeins of beautiful Anzula yarn, purchased with a shop discount at a Trunk Show, which I've been trying to make something out of (even trying my own design) for what seems like weeks. Finally I have settled on a pattern. It's the Opalescent Tunic in the extremely stylish Vogue Crochet 2014 magazine. Of course my gauge for my yarn is slightly out so I've had to add additional rows and I've decided I want my tunic to stop at the hips so I have also reduced the width. However the wheel and shell design is very beautiful and it's going to be stunning!

Upcycled modern crochet purse

One of the accessories I really love is a crochet bag (or purse as they call them stateside). This was a work in progress (wip) that I'd abandoned I'm not sure why but a few weeks ago I completed it and this is my new purse. It should only be for for occasional use but of course I am using it every day because I love it so much so inevitability it will wear out really quickly. I upcycled an old belt for the handle which pleased me very much being the thrifty Brit I am.