Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crochet Slouchy Hat

Have been struggling with this of late. Trying to ad lib from a pattern that started with band for forehead and as I completed row after row of slip stitches it got tighter and tighter cutting off blood flow! After unravelling and adding a few more chains and still ending up with a constricting band I have abandoned that pattern and have decided to crochet from the other direction - from the end/top of the hat. Going quite well but its more fitted than I'd imagined. Not slouchy. However the half double crochet stitch is pleasing so might be ok but not sure how I'll bury my up-do in it! Away for my big birthday tomorrow - a Landmark Trust property so no TV. Now which project will I take with me........ ?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hat time!

The machine felting didn't work! Set my machine to hot wash no spin and when I could eventually open the door water flooded out and realised it hadn't drained. Found a drain cycle but my dog pieces were identical to before the wash and I reckon the wool was acrylic! Have been doing some reading up on different yarn types and their properties after a wise fellow knitting natterer told me she could only wear acrylic, it didn't itch, cost less but didn't last as long (bobbled). For the first time I'm studying the labels on every one of my stash balls. Knitted up a second super chunky hat in turquoise for my DS. Made longer ear flaps instead of pompoms. He looks adorable! Last night I decided to do a hat for myself. The temperature is down to 6 degrees some mornings and my current hat choices won't suffice. Last year's favourite - a purple acrylic beret (shop bought as a set with long scarf and mittens) has yes, you guessed it, bobbled and doesn't match my sophisticated new scarf (silk mum bought) or my hand made gloves. Just loving my gloves so much....! Have found a slouchy crochet pattern online. My up-do will fit in a slouchy style. Have never checked my tension and my wool isn't an exact match for the pattern so had to unravel the forehead band several times. Also twisted the band and yes rewind again. The yarn is light grey acrylic wool blend washable. My mum gave it to me at my nephew's christening last month. A gift of yarn is the best thing ever! Still planning my stable.... stumbled upon the logcabin pattern. I wanted to crochet rather than knit (quicker and easier on my shoulder joints - how old do I sound) but granny squares as much as I love them didn't give the coverage whereas a slip stitch logcabin design ...... hmmm

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Too much knitting not enough chores

Getting rather bogged down with chores ... must stop knitting quite so much! Have finished the cutest purple super chunky hat for my DD. It has pompons on the end of the ear flaps. Quick to knit up ... went slightly wrong getting ear flap wrong way round but pretty easy apart from that small blunder. My DS wants one too! Next decided to make a felted dog for my 2nd godson. Never done felting. It's an instarsia design in beige brown and cream. His ears in the original pattern are non-existent so may have to do a couple of rhombus shaped additions. Machine washed the pieces on hot cycle - still in washing machine because oddly enough the door hasn't opened. Thinking perhaps a little checked dog jacket would suit. Still pondering on how to construct the stable... a number of crochet close knit squares? Also planning socks and crochet penguin finger puppets. And I think I'm fooling myself think I'll swap housework for this!