Friday, April 6, 2018

We're repatriating!

It's official. I'm moving back to Bristol. Yay! We're repatriating to the UK in June. Our two year adventure in Houston turned into six years and it's the most bittersweet feeling. I've met so many lovely people here in Texas and I'm really going to miss them. I will miss my job teaching at my local yarn store Nimblefingers, my workshop students, my colleagues and inspiring boss lady Chris ....... I can hardly believe I've been teaching there for 3 1/2 years now! And then there are all the wonderful ladies in Yak and Yarn, my charity crochet group. Thank you Yvonne for taking over the communications! I promise to continue providing crochet design inspiration and guidance from across the pond!

Thank goodness I have lots of crafty friends on social media, and plenty of them live in the UK. I may even get to meet them in person! If I didn't have my virtual crochet community, I'd be untangling right now.

I have been doing a lot of decluttering and have virtually stopped buying yarn. I now have all of my stash yarn in four 27 liter plastic containers. Astonishing! Well, it is to me! Garments that I've made but don't wear I am giving away as gifts. Our house in the UK is smaller then here in Houston and I'm aware that our belongings have expanded to fit this bigger space. And yarn has become a much larger part of my life out here and consequently takes up a lot more space. 

I'm not quite sure what life is going to look like once we're back home but I'm determined to continue teaching. And I need a local group to be part of. And if there isn't one I'll just start one up. Oh and I may show up an odd yarn event ..... my crafty British friend Helen mentioned Yarnporium in November. I might have found a place to hide (whoops I mean store) new stash by then.

We leave in just over 8 weeks. I'm not sure if I'll manage to keep up with my monthly blog and podcast. I will try my best but I will be tweeting and posting to Instagram and Facebook and checking into Ravelry. I'm Crafty Escapism in all of these places.

If you're not doing social media or you just want to know when there's a new blog post and I'll keep you updated with the move.

And if you're in my Yak and Yarn group I've already signed you up and hopefully you're reading or listening to this! You can unsubscribe. You're not stuck on my list forever! I do hope we'll stay in touch though. Until next month...

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