Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bought from a shop

A compliment from my DH this morning when I showed him my finished waistcoat. He said it didn't look hand made, rather bought from a shop. Bless. He was rather jaded though after a night out with the boys so perhaps beer goggles still on combined with a slight guilty conscience. I can't wait to wear it. Not quite warm enough for spring mid layers.

Made my darling daughter a fish from my new book. I think my colourways, dark purple and lime green, are cuter than the book's. You decide!? Have left by her bed so she gets a sweet surprise on waking. My gorgeous son will be jealous and demand his own!

I've figured out what stash yarn I can use for the fluffy chicks. Just can't find fluffy yarn that is also self-striping like the one in the book. So will combine my beige fluffy mohair with yellow DK or perhaps white with a slight boucle. Great. Next project..... was thinking I might do a couple of extra chicks for mum for mothers day...

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