Sunday, November 13, 2011

Too much knitting not enough chores

Getting rather bogged down with chores ... must stop knitting quite so much! Have finished the cutest purple super chunky hat for my DD. It has pompons on the end of the ear flaps. Quick to knit up ... went slightly wrong getting ear flap wrong way round but pretty easy apart from that small blunder. My DS wants one too! Next decided to make a felted dog for my 2nd godson. Never done felting. It's an instarsia design in beige brown and cream. His ears in the original pattern are non-existent so may have to do a couple of rhombus shaped additions. Machine washed the pieces on hot cycle - still in washing machine because oddly enough the door hasn't opened. Thinking perhaps a little checked dog jacket would suit. Still pondering on how to construct the stable... a number of crochet close knit squares? Also planning socks and crochet penguin finger puppets. And I think I'm fooling myself think I'll swap housework for this!

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