Friday, January 13, 2012

Given up on Grouchy Couch

Thought I'd make the mochimichi couch for my hamsters. Selected a couple of stash balls in suitable colours. However, totally underestimated how much I'd need and have run out of main colour with two more cushions and two more armrests to make. It's fiddly using two colours and has been making me rather grouchy! Really don't like abandoning a project but yearning to make some to wear rather than a frivolous ornament.

Found some US knitting podcasts for my commute to work "Cast on". The broadcaster has a mellow voice and think I'm going to enjoy these a lot. Have synced a dozen onto my ipod.

Anyway here's a photo of the abandoned couch. Will find ways to reuse what I've done at some point. Thinking add a rib to the main piece for a smartphone cosy case. Scrunchies for the smaller pieces.

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