Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer of Socks and Sporadic Blogging

My children are on holiday now (our summer vacation is 11 weeks long here in Texas - woah!) so my weekly blogging schedule may become a bit more sporadic over the next few months. I'm going to try my best to still write weekly but just in case put your email in the box top right and I'll let you know when there is a new post. We have our annual jaunt to the UK to visit family and friends in July and a fun summer road trip planned to North Carolina in August - a new state for us. And I have a couple of research projects to juggle too (my day job - amazingly crochet is only my side gig).

Strawberries for bunting evoke memories of British
summer time. Pattern from Simply Crochet issue 18

And I have a summer project - I have made it my mission to find the ultimate crochet sock pattern. I have knit several socks over the years and there is now such wonderful sock yarn out there I don't see why us crochet lovers should miss out on all the fun. And socks are really portable when you're travelling - another good reason for the sock choice. I will be writing all about my quest here on my blog.

My summer of socks progress is already underway on my twitter and instagram accounts so if you're on either of these I'm @craftyescapism on both. I've adopted the hashtag #ultimatecrochetsock despite the advice of my eleven year old daughter "mum, never ever use hashtags."

And if you have tried crochet socks, have a good pattern to recommend, anything crochet sock related know what to do, write a comment below or get in touch on twitter or instagram.

And in the meantime .... hook on!

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