Sunday, July 3, 2016

I'm going to be on a podcast...!

Yay! I'm going to appear on the sixth episode of British podcast The Crochet Circle out on the first Friday of August. It all started when I wrote a review of the podcast back in May. Lynne and Fay the wonderful hosts found my review hilarious and read out part of it in episode four (at around two minutes). I was extremely surprised to hear my name on air as you can imagine! And then we discovered we were attending a fiber fest the same weekend and Fay suggested we do a Shore to Shore Fibre / Fiber Fest comparison. I couldn't say no. How fun!

                          Lovely local podcasters Katie, Jeanette, Somer, Dianne, Heidi & Darcy at Houston Fiber Fest

And it has been a very interesting insight into how a podcast is created. There is A LOT of work involved and I am feeling a greater appreciation for the many podcasters who get me through my daily chores and accompany me while I craft. You rock podcasters!!

Still on topic, I met up with some local fiber podcasters in person at the Houston Fiber Fest on Saturday June 25th. The event had meet-up tables for different interest groups ranging from "stitch marker swaps" to "crochet" and Saturday 3pm was "podcasters". I already know Darcy, Somer and Katie from Kitchen Stitches and met three more lovely local podcasters for the first time: Jeanette from Bookish Stitcher, Heidi from Undead Yarn and Dianne from Suburban Stitcher. I felt like a total groupie!

And here are the links for y'all if you love your crafty podcasts like me:

The Crochet Circle audio podcast
Kitchen Stitches audio podcast
BookishStitcher video podcast
Undead Yarn video podcast
Suburban Stitcher video podcast

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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