Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 5 most read blog articles

I've published 250 posts on this blog to date. Wow - that seems like a huge number. I thought for my final post of 2016 I'd give you a list and links to my top 5 most read posts of all time.

1. Five reasons to join a CAL August 2016
2. How to locate a yarn store while away July 2016
3. Butterfly Garden Cocoon Shrug January 2016
4. How to substitute yarn October 2015
5. Peyton Heart Project August 2015

I'm taking a little break from blogging for a while. I have a new research client so I need to free up some hours starting January! I'm an independent market researcher as well as a crochet teacher. It's all fun! Knowing me I'll miss writing and posts will start up again before long!

Anyway, please don't feel bereft - you can still reach me and see what I'm up to in the wonderful world of crochet on TwitterInstagram, Facebook and Ravelry. I'm @craftyescapism Please do get in touch! I really would like to hear from you.

Have a wonderful holiday y'all!


Jodiebodie said...

All the best for 2017 and thanks for all the blog posts. Your posts are interesting and informative. Thanks also for your comments around the blogosphere too. They are much appreciated. A change is as good as a holiday so when you are ready to return to your blog, you'll have new energy and more ideas to share. Have fun, Tamara. See you on the webs. Jodie xx

Jodiebodie said...

Have a happy holiday break, Tamara. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I will see you on Twitter and Ravelry and see your pics on IG but I will miss your blog. I like the large, full screen format of a blog on my desk computer. You keep in touch too!
Merry Christmas and good luck in 2017. xx

Tamara said...

You are so sweet Jodie. And I couldn't keep away from the blog....ha ha. Happy New Year my fellow hooky friend on the other side of the world!!

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