Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year adjustments

Oh my goodness, the holiday was such a productive time for my crochet I'm sort of in shock now I'm back to my daily 45 minutes while watching evening tv with my hubby! Our holiday was far longer than usual - three weeks instead of two. We returned to the UK to renew our US visas which entailed two long flights of non-stop hooking watching back to back movies and we took a long drive to New Mexico which included many hours of road trip crochet. And of course while away from home there are not the chores and I didn't have any work projects so there was plenty of time during the day too. I was in crochet heaven. One morning in New Mexico I woke up and hooked an entire cowl, merrily making it up as I went along. What decadence! Here is my dog showing his appreciation:

It's a super simple pattern (US crochet terms).
  1. Foundation double crochet to size so it fits over your head.
  2. Slip stitch to join.
  3. Chain 2, double crochet all around, slip stitch. 
  4. Repeat Step 3 trying it on until you can pull it up over your face.
  5. Weave in loose ends.
I should really have used a linked double crochet stitch (my daughter commented - "there are holes mum") but there's always a next time, and another ski "buff" to make.

Of course, there was much preparation before my three week trip to ensure that I wouldn't run out of yarn or projects. Oh heaven forbid I should run out. I've written about how I panic about running out of yarn on holiday before!

In early December I went to a holiday event (with discounts) at the yarn store, Nimblefingers, where I teach and decided to treat myself to some new yarn for a project I've had on my list for a long time the Pink Wrapover Top by Hannah Cross in the Simply Crochet Magazine. Mine was not pink, I'm not a pink kind of gal, but it worked out very well and I'm wearing it here in aqua.

I bought The Crochet Circle Podcast's Take Two, Collection One - Crochet book and packed yarn for two projects. Fay told me I was the first person to complete a project from the book and that never happens to me. But I was on my long long holiday after all. Anything was possible! I would highly recommend the book. Lynne and Fay have designed crochet staples and each project has been made twice with different local yarns (hence the name "Take Two"). There are eight patterns, all very well written and I'm on my second project already. I put my version of their Baltum fingerless mittens on Ravelry and I'm actually wearing them as I type... it's an unusually cold January day in Houston, Texas.

Are you still adjusting to January like me, or have you got it all together?


Pamela said...

Ah, travel crafting! I went on a two-month trip and also panicked about running out of yarn. It's so hard to know how much time you're going to be spending crafting vs. out seeing the sights, and I always over pack!

Still adjusting! It's been grey and snowy and icy here, which means more craft time but also a bit of cabin fever! Not what I expected for January...

Tamara said...

Good to hear from you Pamela. I was just reading your blog (I love it a lot - have just subscribed) and trying to figure out where it's grey and snowy and icy - I think you're in rural Colorado but I may be wrong! Hope you get outside soon!!

Jodiebodie said...

Congratulations on being at the vanguard of Take Two fan projects!

Tamara said...

Thank you Jodie!! I have not completed my second project but I had very good intentions!

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