Monday, June 12, 2017

Trying out: Lyyke Crochet Hooks

I really do love working in my local yarn store. The Knitting Fever rep was visiting on one of my yarn store days and she had a classy looking case with a set of Lyyke crochet hooks inside They were a prototype and won't be available in the store until next month but I was able to have a little go so I thought I'd let you know what I thought. The rep gave me two sets of knitting needles - one straight, one circular to say thank you in anticipation of my review here. That was sweet! It's nice to get a little freebie.

I had already had a chance to try out the needles. They are available at Nimblefingers and in my Friday workshop I help knitters as well as crocheters. So I was ripping back for a student and I remember thinking ooooohh these look great - they are a light colored grainy gray wood. And they feel good too. They are very smooth like silk. I loved them and I kept asking my students who were using them if they needed a bit of help with something so I could get my hands on them again.

They are called Driftwood and I totally got the wrong end of the stick (ha ha) and thought that they were actually upcycled driftwood, harvested from a beach, and that's why they were so strong and smooth. They are not made from driftwood, they are made from resin-coated birch wood. I must say I am a bit disappointed because I do prefer my romanticized version of their origin.

Trying out the prototype crochet hook, I liked it a lot. The Lykke hook is an in line crochet hook which is the style that I prefer in my crochet hooks. Like the needles, it's very smooth work with and looks great. It's very lightweight too. And the hooks are labelled with both mm and US sizing. Very handy! Even after five years in Texas I still use mms for my hook and needle sizings. There are ten sizes ranging from 3.5mm E-4 to 9mm M-13. So although I do like them a LOT and I will probably buy a few once they arrive, I will not be abandoning my Susan Bates Silvulame (anodized aluminum) because I tend to make projects which call for smaller hook sizes and Susan Bates start at 2 1/4 mm B-1.

I hope you found this helpful and I'd love to know what you look for in a crochet hook. Just let me know in the comments below. Have a wonderful week y'all!!

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Unknown said...

Hi there again, enjoyed info on the new Lykke crochet hooks .Mh I only have 3 hooks in total so a set of these hooks when they come on sale sounds like a great possibility for me. Question what is an online hook I wonder ? Love your blogs thank you again XMx

Tamara said...

I can't believe you only own three crochet hooks mum!!! Here is a link to a description of different kinds of crochet hooks including in line !

Jodiebodie said...

Hi Tamara, you lucky thing - getting to try out new products before the rest of us! ;-)

I love it when reviews are written by real live crocheters so it's great that you were able to review these hooks. I like in-line hooks too and from your description these hooks seem perfect for slip stitch crochet (aka Bosnian crochet).

I'm also thinking slippery smooth = speedy crochet which leads me to the question, "How lightweight are these hooks compared to bamboo?"

I will check out the link to see how they are priced compared to other books on the market. New crochet products always excite me so thanks for bringing these to my attention.

Happy hooks xx

Jodiebodie said...

P.S. next time the Lykke rep comes in, would you be able to find out whether they plan to have interchangeable pairs of cabled Tunisian hooks, please?

Tamara said...

OK I will find out Jodie if these are planned and let you know!!

Tamara said...

Woah Jodie - you have me intrigued now!! Bosnian crochet. I'm going to have to investigate! The hooks are very light. We also sell bamboo so I could do a comparison when I next go in!!

Mary said...

Hello, I wondered if you have any updates on how durable these are, particularly the smaller sizes? Thank you

Crafty Escapism said...

Hi Mary, I didn't end up buying any Lykke hooks (I stuck to the Susan Bates!) so I can't report back. However the knitting needles have been quite durable. I don't know if that is helpful! Happy New Year's Eve!

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