Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fiddly fuschia bag

Oh my goodness. The Debbie Bliss bag is very tricky. Usually I'm knitting/crocheting in front of a film with my DH. We subscribed to Picturebox a while back. The films are at times rather obscure but with a regularly updated non-bank-breaking 36 to choose from we can usually find something. Anyway, have had to undo the whole piece twice and redo small bits three rows back (hard). SHOULD knit up very fast in Chunky yarn and size 8 needles (I need to go one size smaller to get correct tension). More focus required! Bought the most gorgeous lining material from local shop Poppy Patchwork. It's a Kaffe Fasset design. Envisaging quite a lot of time will be spent on this latest project! But I do so want to replace my battered old green suede work bag with this bright smile-inducing home-made creation in time for the winter months! Ahh just had a sudden realisation - my diminished skills are more down to a fuzzy brain derived from wine-drinking than distraction of "The Darwin Awards".

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