Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stash Crochet Cushion

Have figured out how to upload photos - from my computer rather than my smartphone. I'll work on the latter.
Granny square cushion is complete and found crochet easier on my shoulder (old sports injury - played way too much badminton a couple of years ago). Think I will pick a crochet project next (well have a number lined up so that will probably be Spring time.) Joining the little bits of tapestry wool was annoying but pretty much constructed this whole cushion with tapestry remnants from the cat cushion. Rather pleased with this.
Also finished three simple garter stitch flannels, unravelling the moss stitch rectangular ones (photo in earlier blog).

A vast improvement and doing the moss stitch wasn't totally wasted. My fushia bag uses moss stitch (and cables and bobbles). My cables are going the wrong way so have had to consult "The Knitters Bible" by Claire Crompton to set me right!

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