Wednesday, December 28, 2011

80s Knitting

Christmas at my folks in Scotland: my mum has two of my teenage-years knitted creations out... quite surprised how skilled I was back then. Managed a superb countryside intarsia polo jumper complete with 2 bunnies and a metallic oversize jumper that my mum actually still wears! Brought back one of my old books too "Picture Knits".. check them out!

Also finished sock number 1, one evening. I'm not into the cable really... think it makes my ankles look chunky although it makes them.ultra cosy! All the rest of the time spent eating and drinking to excess and chatting to numerous members of my family (17 at Christmas lunch).

My family have totally tuned into my passion for knitting ..... what a delightful number of craft-related gifts I received!
*Mochimichi book x 2 (my hubby suggested to his parents and two days later absent-mindedly purchased it himself (he'd been a bit stressed of late))
*Vouchers for local wool shop
*Cath Kidston floral knitted bag
*The 12 knits of Christmas
* Knitted tea cosies book
*Noah's Ark knitting book plus all the wool and the needles for the animals
What a glorious collection!

Visited my favourite Great Aunt on Boxing Day and she had looked out a pattern for knitted fun "fur" collars and cuffs that she had made once and thought I'd like. Can see these as a future project.

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