Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gift from lovely friend

My lovely school mummy friend Mel a big fan and recipient of two of my mochimochi animal zoo has just given me a new adorable knitting book: "All you knit is love" by Debbie Harrold. (Made her a brown tweed hamster in penance for leading her astray with one too many glasses of pink fizz when she had a christening to go to the next day - she thought my pair of hamsters were guinea pigs and fondly told me about her childhood brown guinea pig. I didn't want to disenchant.) She hinted massively about the two You're Tweet chicks so I'm going to have to order some self-striping fluffy yarn and make them for her.  I can see my romantic sister-in-law loving the anniversary swans. More projects in the queue....  perhaps I should be disciplined and enter them as projects on my sparse Ravelry profile... perhaps not.

Have been listening to more archived Cast On podcasts. Love them, love them. Brenda had such a lovely voice and the interviewees are just fascinating. There just aren't enough hours in the day to fit everything knitting in there! My DH has renamed me the "knitting nutter". Not best pleased and wondering if this is preferable to "old grumpy".

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