Saturday, February 11, 2012

To choose yarn or pattern first?

Bought my on sale yarn a few weeks back and thinking maybe I purchased yarn and pattern the wrong way round. Should have fallen in love with the pattern first. My maternal grandmother, a talented dress-maker, looked at me aghast when I asked her recently which she chose first. Pattern of course. Now I'm knitting a waistcoat that I'm not exactly enamored with.... don't think the yarn suits the pattern. I have Sublime Merino Chunky Tweed and the pattern is for Sirdar Tweed Chunky which does sound quite similar I admit but there is an unsatisfactory mismatch. The pattern is more rustic than my yarn. The two Sublime pattern books are $8 each plus shipping and can't see anything I fancy anyway. Have searched on Ravelry for a pattern to suit but I think the yarn just doesn't have a satisfactory pattern. I just don't like the yarn full stop. My problem is that I fell for a sale yarn. Never again.Anyway I am persevering.... just hope the finished garment is far better than my imagined outcome. Completed back and 2 sides. Onto the cable border which is knitted horizontally and is joined below the waist. The cable is admittedly rather pleasing. It's almost a different pattern row each time and I'm on row 19. It's fun actually. My fear with this pattern is that although its nipped at the waist, a "good" part of my body, the border is chunky just below the waist corresponding with a "bad" part of my body (muffin-top extra bit you acquire after kids). It's going to be a "wear at home only item". My poor long-suffering husband.... I may greet him with a date night rib eye steak but my knitwear disappointments are hardly the slinky kimono he would probably prefer!

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