Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hooky hat wearing weather

Hats have dominated the last week or so. I had my first Yak & Yarn meeting of the year and had a tip off that a new member had made numerous hats (while I was away she emailed me to ask if she could bring them to my house - this was a bit of a giveaway). I had to stop making my second Take Two Crochet project and hook up a few hats for the homeless to show willing. She made sevens (yay!) and I managed three. I'm not competitive, honestly! 


I received an e-newsletter from the inspirational Betsy Greer, the godmother of the Craftivism, who I have met in person and written about here. She interviews fellow craftivist heroes on her blog (love it!) and sends links to related projects. Anyway, one of the links was to the Pussy Hat Project so I've found some pink yarn in my stash and selected the crochet pattern with the cable ribbing. I'm just about to  join up the sides with crab stitch, my favorite seaming stitch, which is functional but decorative. And I should meet the deadline to mail it to Washington for the march. I do like taking part in a Craftivism project for a good cause.

I love seeing something in the crochet world go viral in the world of non-crafters. Right now  it's all about the Messy Bun Hat or Ponytail Hat. Last week a non- crafter was in the yarn store where I work looking for yarn for a friend to make one for her. I've also spotted it coming up on my Twitter feed. I have short hair but if I can see my daughter looking gorgeous in one of these free crochet patterns: It's All About the Messy Bun by June Nemeth!

Anyway, I do hope you're having a wonderful week y'all whatever you're crafting!! If you don't want to miss my blog articles and you're reading on your desktop computer please do sign up to receive an email with a link. It should be top right. And I'm on Twitter and Instagram too. If you've been making hats this month please do let me know in the comments below!


Jodiebodie said...

Oh yeah...messy bun hats all over the feeds...
My teen was nonplussed - is it a hat without a top or a glorified headband?? hehehe I can see why they are very popular - practical to wear and easy for beginners to make and finish.
I will be watching for the trend this autumn on this side of the equator!
Also, well done on your Pussyhat! It was great to see so many on our television news service. How does it feel to be a part of that, Tamara?
It will be interesting to see how often we see those hats coming out again during the course of the year.
Take care, over there! xx

Tamara said...

Yes I wonder if the messy bun hats will start to appear on your side of the equator Jodie. I sent my Pussyhat off. I assume it was worn on the march, not that I could spot mine. I did enjoy seeing all those knitted and crocheted hats so prominently covered in the media. I just spotted the word Craftivism appearing in the Macmillan Online Dictionary this week. One of my students is knitting a hat that looks like a brain for the upcoming science march in April. I'm not sure that I like it. Check it out on Ravelry It's called Brain Hat for Science by Kristen McDonnell.

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