Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Craft break

At my folks' house and didn't pack any current projects. Wasn't sure about needles in hand luggage and didn't want to pack in hold luggage (although hardly a big deal if it went missing or I picked up another person's bag*). Instead I'm on the jigsaws with mum. Feel like I'm in a project rut (scarf was too short and needs unravelling, granny squares need to be transformed into cushion......) and need to peruse some books for inspiration. There is a craft shop in town - marvellous. One too many glasses of white last night but will rouse myself for a trot around the nearby golf course/bird reserve. Must put photos of projects on my to-do list. This blog is rather flat.

*This did happen a few years back... I opened the bag thinking it was mine and found some rather damp contents instead of my own. Then felt what seemed like a severed human head in a black bin bag and jumped a mile. Turned out to be a horse riding helmet.

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