Monday, October 24, 2011

First grey cable glove finished!

Have finished one. Gloves are quite a time-consuming business but they are far better than shop bought, come right up my arm and are toasty warm! Started Thursday on the train up to the NEC... lost one of my needles in the cupboard on our stand and had to write up notes on day one of the conference instead of continuing. When I got home realised I actually had five needles so didn't need to get another set of size 1s. Pleased about that. My knitting in the round is getting quite neat now - can't even tell where the gaps between the needles are. Must be spending hours each week knitting. My DH reckons longer than I spend at work. I think my frustration at work is actually making me throw myself into my hobby more. Managed to find an excuse to make more purchases in the local craft shop in the village. Didn't want to run out of projects while away in Cornwall at half-term! Oh what horror if I was lacking a current project! Though I'd have a go at socks. They don't stock very much exciting yarn and found myself discussing my dream of setting up a yarn shop with the two lady sales assistants and signing myself up to an intermediate crochet class run by one of them. Read that the first knitted hotel room had come into existence this week in Brighton. Ha ha.

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