Saturday, January 10, 2015

Designing is difficult

This is my first time designing a full on proper grown up sweater. I have designed" and made scarfs and a very pretty shawl that I get no end of compliments on but nothing that actually necessitated accurate measurements before. I've discovered that you need to be very good at math to write a pattern. Helping my fifth grader with her homework is paying off big time now. My long suffering husband thinks my color choices are strange (gray yellow and white) but I am sure when I finally finish and don my creation it will look amazingly stylish and all of my friends will want one. Have you ever seen a garment on a shelf that doesn't look at all appealing and then you put it on and it's spectacular? These are my notes on the sleeve. I'm using the golden mean to calculate the proportions of colors height-wise rather than proportionally. The latter really would be beyond my beginning designer skills!

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