Sunday, April 10, 2016

April is the month to #stitchawaystress

Interrupting my knit or crochet Texan series to tell you that April is Stitch Away Stress month. I must actually get around to scheduling these sorts of events into my calendar rather than realizing it's happening a few days into the month!! Maybe I'll get more organized next year or maybe not!

In observance of National Stress Awareness Month, the Craft Yarn Council have created the #StitchAwayStress campaign with knitting and crochet. All this month on their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages, there are fun and unique ways to use these crafts to unwind, learn more about their stress reducing and mood boosting effects. There are also giveaways and more. Yay!

They recommend unwinding by stitching and squeezing away stress with an adorable Lemon Stress Ball pattern from one of my favorite all time designers Twinkie Chan. There are pdf patterns of crochet and knit lemons and a video tutorial here on the Craft Yarn Council Website. How handy! Here is a crochet lemon I made earlier. The pattern was excellent of course!


In New York City on April 18 the Craft Yarn Council will drop over 2,000 lemons made by knitting and crochet guilds across the country on people filing their taxes at the James A. Farley Post Office in Manhattan.  Pam McKenzie in My Central Jersey writes

"Personally, I'm not sure I'd appreciate being pelted with knitted lemons at any time, but especially if I am filing my taxes. I find taxes incredibly stressful as it is. If someone handed me a knitted lemon, though, it might make me smile."

I love the campaign. I'm going to be following the hashtag #stitchawaystress for sure. I'm feeling motivated to get hooking so I can join in the pelting fun!

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