Monday, June 19, 2017

Hoston Fiber Fest is THIS Week!

Houston Fiber Fest starts THIS Friday June 23rd. I am SO excited!! I am going to be there on Saturday primarily visiting vendors and squishing their yarn but also hanging out with people and obviously I'll be there Sunday afternoon for the class I'm teaching.

Lester The Fiber Fest Mascot

Last year I attended just one day but I stayed for seven hours. I felt I had to get around as many vendors as possible so that I could record a really comprehensive audio review for Fay at the Crochet Circle Podcast. It was an amazingly fun day and I just can't wait to do it all over again!

This year I'll be spending some time at Inner Loop Dyeworks Booth #17 with Beth Bower. Beth is a fabulous indie dyer and she very kindly provided me with yarn support for the small crochet sock pattern I designed for my class. She even let me choose my colors and custom dyed them for me! Amazing! Thank you Beth - I'll see you on Saturday with my sock samples!! I'll be launching my sock pattern from her booth. It's called #theleftovercrochetsock because it's baby/toddler size and you can make it with leftover sock yarn once you've made an adult pair.

The meet up tables are back again this year so I will be at the crochet meet up table on Saturday at 12 midday.  It's a really fun way to meet new people who are into the same thing as you. Well obviously we're all massively into yarn but there are meet ups for spinners, weavers, stitch marker swaps and so on. Here is the meet up table schedule. And I'll also be meeting up with a group that I've joined very recently the really fun Houston Fiber Friends. It's going to be the best weekend ever!

Anyway have a wonderful week y'all and let me know if you're attending any fiber events over the summer. And do tell me if you're going to be at the Houston Fiber Fest so I can look out for you!!!

Listen to the Audio Podcast


Jodiebodie said...

Hi Tamara!
How are you recovering from the Best Weekend Ever?
It sounds sensational. I'm looking forward to hearing (or reading) all about it. I saw one picture of your fibre haul on Instagram - lots to stimulate the senses and increase the creative flow.
The thing I love most about these events is meeting people. I wish I was able to be there with you. Have a wonderful week. :-)

Jodiebodie said...

I LOVE that you have embedded a voice reading of your blog post. That makes it so accessible for people with vision impairments, fatigue fogged people like me who cannot always focus on a printed page or screen or just for the convenience of busy people who want to keep on moving but also listen to your news.
How did you go about embedding that voice clip? I want to learn how to include soundclips to my blog posts but not sure how to go about it. I am not sure whether blogger has a plug-in for that or not. I don't want to have a blog page that automatically plays a sound as soon as it loads.

I like what you have done with an embedded feature that I can click on to start when I'm ready for it. The only issue is that the little box disappeared off the screen and I couldn't find a way to pause it once it started. Thank you for showing me and teaching me things.

Tamara said...

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed my audio version Jodie! I am puzzled why the box disappeared. I shall investigate this further... I used Audacity to record the audio and Podbean to upload and host the audio file. Podbean generates the html code for the player that you can just pop in the bottom of your blog post.

Crafty Escapism said...

It really was the best weekend Jodie!! And it took a lot of recovering from. Yes meeting people is my favorite thing too!!!

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